Oils &Toppings

Coconut Popcorn Oil-Gallon

  • Description
Coconut oil, pure and refined, allows the full taste of the popcorn to come through and provides that special theatre taste and aroma. Generally considered the best popping oil, it is colored with beta carotene, a natural and healthy shading additive. Sold by the Gallon.

ProStyle Warmer with Pump

  • Description
Paragon’s Pro-Style Warmer provides the newest way to have various toppings ready for your fun foods. 
It is simple, easy, and in five minutes you will be ready for the ultimate warm topping experience, whether
it be butter for popcorn, cheese for nachos or chocolate or caramel for ice cream.
          • Perfect for restaurants, concession areas, convenience stores, and at home.
          • 32 ounce Paragon condiment container.
          • Attractive Stainless steel body and heat well. Adjustable thermostat, and 6’ cord and plug.
          • Includes unheated spout domed pump easily dismantled for cleaning.
          • 7”W x 7”D x 12.75”H. 120Volts. 200Watts.
          • Comes apart easily for cleanup.

Original Flavacol

  • Description

Flavacol's superiority starts with the salt itself-a special Alberger Process that contains 130 million flakes per pound.  The fine flakes stick to the popcorn, whereas a ground salt will tend to fal off.  The Alberger process also removes trace minerals that lead to bitter taste if too much is used.

Packed 35oz carton.

Premier Flavorcol

  • Description

Just like regular Flavacol®, Premier Flavacol® is made with the finest ingredients to keep your customers coming back for more. The Premier version contains no artificial colors—use if your popcorn containers do not mention Yellow #5 and #6 colors. 35 oz. in each carton.

Flavacol BB

  • Description
Just like regular Flavacol, BB Flavacol is made with the finest ingredients to keep your customers coming back for more. BB has a creamy, old-fashioned sweet butter taste. 35 oz. in each carton

Peter's Movie Time Popcorn Salt

  • Description
Ultra fine white popcorn salt. Make your popcorn taste like a movie theater.

Glaze Pop

  • Description

It's easy to turn your popcorn machine into a candy store!. Easy-to-use Glaze Pop adds a little more "pop" to your popcorn.

Just add it to the kettle when the oil is warming, just before popping. The mix will work as the popcorn is popping.

The mix contains an ingredient which holds the sugar and oil together to guard against burning. However, use as directed.

We are rewriting the book on sweet popcorn. It started in the 1980's with Glaze Pop® and has grown worldwide. Flavors include:

            • Caramel Glaze
            • Cherry Glaze
            • Blue Raspberry Glaze
            • Sweet Corn (frosted) Glaze
            • Chocolate Glaze
            • Cinnamon
            • Grape

Metal Popcorn Salt Shaker

  • Description
This is the item they use at the theaters!! This 10oz metal salt shaker is the perfect compliment your popcorn enjoyment. Perfect for a popcorn salt or buttery salt topping.

Buttery Topping

  • Description

Make you popcorn taste just like the movies! Add just a small amount to popped popcorn to make it taste just like At-The-Movies. No refrigeration. No Melting.

        • Easy Pouring At Room Temperature
        • No Refrigeration required, even after opening
        • Can be added during or after popcorn cycle to popped popcorn
        • No melting. Just pour over and enjoy!