Several styles of condiment pumps are available for dispensing directly from a manufacturer's food container.

Syrup pump for 28 mm neck

  • Description
Make purchasing consumable pumps a thing of the past. The BP-¼ pump is constructed of stainless steel with a plastic cylinder and dispenses ¼-ounce (7 mL)  or ½-oz (14 mL) stroke, maximum/minimumportions directly from a 28 mm bottle opening. The one-piece discharge tube with over molded knob and pinch valve design has only a few parts -- plus there's no stainless steel balls to loose. And clean-in-place certification makes maintenance a breeze.

Standard features include:
            • Pump stays primed for accurate portions every time
              Pinch valve design eliminates stainless steel balls
            • Cap threads directly on a bottle with a 28 mm opening
              (typically 750 mL)
            • ¼-oz (7 mL) stroke, maximum/minimum
            •  or ½-oz (14 mL) stroke, maximum/minimum
            • Black knob